"Emergences" is a series of stone sculpture installations I created in site-specific locations along the shores of the Hudson River.  They exist in a continual state of flux, being gradually concealed and revealed with the daily rising and falling of the river tides. They constantly emerge and submerge in and out of view.  At high tide the sculptures are concealed, covered by the waters. It takes six hours for them to be gradually revealed until they are in full view at low tide. Then it takes another six hours for the sculptures to gradually submerge until they are completely out of view at high tide. While some pieces disappear from view entirely to eventually become an invisible presence under the waters of the river, new pieces come into existence. Stones are repositories of history. Their layering in my sculptures suggests geological and cultural times. They evoke the history of the earth and the stages of life, and function as metaphors for the passage of time and the ephemeral nature of existence.