In this series of twelve paintings, Light Unworn, twelve passages, each beginning with "IT IS NOT...."organize six pairs of seemingly contradictory observations, six pairs of double negatives.  "IT IS NOT YOURS" and "IT IS NOT MINE, "IT IS NOT THIS" and "IT IS NOT THAT", IT IS KNOWABLE" and "IT IS NOT UNKNOWABLE", "IT IS NOT THINKABLE" and "IT IS NOT UNTHINKABLE", "IT IS NOT VISIBLE" and "IT IS NOT INVISIBLE", "IT IS NOT MEASURABLE" and "IT IS NOT UNMEASURABLE".  Each passage, which is also the title of each painting is embedded at the bottom into the paint itself, barely emerging into view.

This excerpt of a poem by Fray Luis de León inspired the title:
"El aire se serena              
y viste de hermosura y luz no usada...."
-Fray Luis de León: A Francisco Salinas, Catedrá‚Äčtico de Música de la Universidad de Salamanca