My art is also informed by my love of poetry. For me art and poetry unfold from silence, from a space where thoughts are not yet articulated. My working process is like an excavation of that space from where poetry and art emerge. I’m working on an ongoing series of drawings which I call When Silence Becomes Poetry, dedicated to poets I love and feel deeply connected to. The drawings are not illustrations of poems, but rather my visual response to the language of poetry, a language which transcends the physicality of words. 
Many poets, directly and indirectly, have inspired my work: from Jorge Luis Borges to Charles Stein, from Federico Garcia Lorca to Robert Kelly, from Italo Calvino to George Quasha, from Pablo Neruda to St. John of the Cross, from Antonio Machado to T.S.Eliot, from Rainer Maria Rilke to Carter Ratcliff.