For many years, working in a wide variety of media, including drawing, collage, painting, sculpture and installation, I have been investigating the ineffable nature of things, objects, words, and thoughts. My art has always been informed by an underlying awareness of and fascination with the concealed aspects of existence that we don’t see, or that seem to be invisible. Through the processes I explore, I try to reveal how that which has been concealed emerges into view. I try to make the invisible visible. This paradox has been central to my art practice and is the essence of my artwork, now and for the last fifty years. My work is abstract and monochromatic. I work in series and on many pieces at the same time. This is a slow process of unfolding, between intention and intuition, which in turn requires that the viewer experience my work in a slowed down temporality.
-Raquel Rabinovich, 2016

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